Algae Biodiesel Fuel

Getting Fuel Energy Unlimited With David Sieg

No matter if you’re in South Africa, Mumbai India or Malaysia everybody has taken a close look at algae as a potential renewable biomass crop for biofuel manufacturing.

One of the pioneers from the algae bio-fuel movement is David Sieg. This U.S. citizen started off his green fuels career in a really unlikely place, Vietnam.

He was there in 1995 the the exact same time President Clinton stated how the U.S. would begin to change diplomatic relations with Vietnam, breaking a 20-year stalemate. A family member of his spouse, was one of the rich farmers who could afford a tractor, but wasn’t able to afford to purchase diesel fuel for it. One particular day David asked him how he managed to utilize his tractor without diesel fuel. The man revealed the tractor would run on vegetable oil, but wouldn’t start on it. So, he used a little bit of diesel to get it going, then changed over to vegetable oil. That had been David’s first introduction to biofuels. No one had even heard of biofuels or bio-diesel in Vietnam at the time, and David has been a green fuel supporter since then.

A few years later he started instructing at a technical school in Vietnam. Business owners soon contacted him for his practical experience on biofuels. At the time he was simply a individual whose interests included renewable energy. The school asked if he could create a sufficient amount of biodiesel to operate their power generators. Quickly after that project ended he was consulting on lots of other biofuel related projects for local business owners who needed their own individual fuel sources. Those assignments led to utilizing many kinds of organic oils, like catfish oil, palm oil, etc. And that groundwork led him eventually to algae oil for biodiesel manufacturing.

Since then David gone on to write a dozen books for the bio-fuels industry that profile sustainable biofuel as the major subject matter. What he wants to accomplish at this stage in his life is to show everyday people how they may grow algal biomass to be entirely energy independent, and do so with out drastically changing their life styles.

His objective is for everyone to be able to live as comfortable as we are right now by re-directing their energies in diverse methods. He feels this can be carried out right now, not decades or years into the future.

David writes his books for any person who believes in thinking globally and acting locally, anybody who desires to make a difference within the environment, anybody who believes that oil companies don’t have our best interest in mind, anyone who wants to be power independent.

Simply speaking, just about every person, sooner or later will recognize they too are part of the answer. So go green and produce algae biofuel to power your vehicles, David will show you how.


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