Algae Biodiesel Fuel

Algal Bio-fuel For Energy Flexibility To Use In Your Home & Automobiles

With the increasing fuel prices of today lots of people have started to consider an alternative way to fuel their vehicles. Algal biodiesel fits the bill for many individuals who started making this biofuel from algal biomass in their own backyards.

And why not make your own personal algae biodiesel, the raised fuel prices makes finding substitute fuel resources very important these days, especially with the recent oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, individuals desire to save money and the natural environment more than ever.

Algae biofuel is a great way to save a substantial amount of money on your diesel fuel costs. Not forgetting you can also save big on your heating cost if you live in colder areas. The basic aspect of algae biofuel is to transform algal oil into biodiesel, a fuel source that can be used in your diesel engine powered vehicles.

Talk to your manufactuer first, some car companies do not endorse the use of bio-diesel fuel within their vehicles and will void the warranty if an engine is damaged by its use. Make sure to research this before choosing a new automobile with a diesel engine. For older diesel cars and trucks there is no reason to stress, if the vehicle ran on petrol diesel previously it will run on algal bio-diesel as well. Knowing this will make the decision to operate your vehicle on cleaner burning algae biodiesel much easier for you.

There is a minimal amount of supplies needed to produce algae bioidiesel. You will require a growing medium for the algae, a press, water, methanol, lye and access to a biodiesel processor. You can put the biodiesel processor almost anyplace, although most people put them outside in a shed or under an garage overhang. You’ll be making algae biofuel oil so setting up in the house might not be a real good idea.

The best biodiesel plants are constructed to stop fumes and odors from escaping during the refining process. Having an odor free refining process might be important for individuals wishing to produce their fuel near their residence. If you live on a farm or large acreage this may not be as necessary as the bio-diesel plant can be located farther from your home. Of course if you’re able to afford to get a completely automated biodiesel system do so, just because they are very easy to use and will say you time.

If you have a large amount of algal oil from algae fish feed projects a biodiesel processor would work perfectly to give added value to your current business. It does take more time to grow algal biomass and refine the algal oil but the results are the same, a more ecologically friendly fuel that can be put into a diesel powered vehicle right away. Also, as soon as you start growing the algae they replenish themselves every twenty four hours so you will have an endless free source of algae biofuel for your residence heating needs and your automobiles.

The cost of fossil fuels is on an endless pricing trend upward making algal biodiesel for private use is a smart decision for anyone. Having your own algae bio-diesel production plant along with a constant flow of ecological fuel right in your own backyard will make you energy self-sufficient and saves you and your family lots of money for the future.


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