Algae Biodiesel Fuel

Algae Oil The New Crude Oil!

Have you seen the news lately? All the waste run off from farms that create excess fertilizer run off eventually reaches our lakes, rivers and streams. The increased nutrient (phosphorus) sources from farm runoff creates the ideal environment for nuisance algal growth. Most cities and municipalities have a kill policy. Instead of harvesting this free resource to create biofuel they are spending millions of dollars to kill this nuisance algae growth. They could use this same algae to make clean renewable energy instead. That’s right the algae grown in ponds can be converted to oil and the oil refined into Biodiesel.

Algae have the potential to evolve into a mainstream fuel feedstock. Algae are not a food crops, they grow fast and algae remove massive amounts of carbon dioxide from the air.
Take a look at some of the various uses of algae:
Lipids (oil) can be made into biodiesel, jet fuel, bio crude, gasoline, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, chemicals and plastics.
Carbohydrates (algal biomass) from algae can make ethanol, methanol, electric power generation.
Algal biomass can make high protein animal feed, vitamin supplements, food supplements, green coal, green crude, organic fertilizer and methane biogas.
Algae grow fast and there are over 300,000 different strains of algae, some of these strains have very high oil content of 60% or more. Algae grow in some of the coldest and hottest places on our planet. So let’s promote algae growth not algae death, stop killing algae and start harvesting this free renewable energy source to increase our energy independence.
Algae remove massive amounts of Carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air. Algae are voracious consumer of carbon dioxide gas providing a means for recycling waste carbon dioxide from fossil fuel combustion. It is possible to sequester as much as one billion tons of CO2 per year from algae farms. This new technology has attracted companies that need inexpensive CO2 sequestration solutions. To find out how you can turn your nuisance algae into bio crude oil is much easier now, before you would have to gather information from a number of sources, but not anymore. Websites like are creating awareness. They also feature a making algae energy course which is a 3 book series where you can learn all you ever wanted to know about turning algae into renewable energy for your home or business.
Algae Biofuel will play a very important part in meeting the worlds growing energy needs, the sooner we learn how to create endless energy from algae the better.

SOURCE: Vic Garlington


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