Algae Biodiesel Fuel

Advanced Technology Algae Photo Bioreactor

Commercial Algae PBR

The three dimensional architecture of this new photosynthetic algae bioreactor utilizes available sunlight more efficiently with a smaller footprint compared to designs oriented in a primarily horizontal or vertical configuration. As a closed system, the operational difficulties of an open pond system (water wasted by evaporation/excessive salination, temperature control, invasion by foreign micro-organisms) are readily kept under control.
This new design has solved the often-cited disadvantages of closed system bioreactors, principally attributed to gas exchange efficiency and operating costs. A single cell circulates 3000+ gallons of water at a rate of 20 – 30 gallons per minute. The flow path is all gravity driven with the exception of a 22 ft. column of water that is pumped to a topmost aerator tank. Cost of circulating the total fluid volume is thereby substantially reduced, in contrast to typical horizontal designs in which the entire water column must be moved by mechanical energy.

Each cell incorporates 5 X 275 gallon aerator tanks contiguous with the circulation of the system, with an available air column sparge for each tank, a design feature that guarantees efficient gas exchange. Gas exchange in a photosynthetic bioreactor is principally about purging excess oxygen, which in the design can be captured and applied to enhance combustion whenever an cell is integrated with a kiln/combustive power generator for emission remediation.
The introduction of gaseous nutrients/emissions such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides takes place by sparge at the bottom of each cell pyramid. This design feature enforces a long residence time for gas/water interface, contributing to the efficient capture of gaseous emissions into an aqueous phase.
High areal exposure to direct sunlight, low cost of mechanical energy input, combined with efficient circulation & gas exchange in a smaller footprint, serve to make the cell a highly efficient algae biomass generator.


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